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Vans/ Mini vans
Scroll down to see the selection of vans and if you see one you like contact of by calling or e-mail us with the info listed below on the vans.  If you don't see a vans you like contact us and we will see what we can do.

    155 Mingo Trail
    Longwood, Florida 32750
    Phone:(407) 331-7378

1995 Chevy Luminia LS APV
Automatic, 6 cycl. 3800 moter, power steering, power brakes, power windows, power sliding side door, am/fm stereo, dual air-condtitioning, 3-rd row, new tires, alloy chevy wheels, and 3 door.
Color: green
Mileage: 110,000
Price: $2450

1996 GMC Safari SLX
Automatic, 6 cycl., power steering, power brakes, power windows, am/fm stereo, dual air-condtitioning, and 3 door.
Note: No 3rd row; good passenger and deliever van with carpet flooring
Color: white
Mileage: 103,000
Price: $3995
Manufacturer picture

1996 Ford Windstar GL
Automatic, 6cycl. (3.8), power steering, curise control, tilt wheel, power brakes, power windows, power locks, power mirrors, ice cold air-condition, am/fm stereo, leather interior, dual air-bags, good tires, excellent condition, 7 passenger, and 4-door.
Color: Burgundy
Mileage: 129,000
Price: $3950
Manufacturer picture

1997 Chevy Astro Cargo Van
Automatic, 4 cycl., power steering, power brakes, am/fm stereo cassette, air-condtitioning, and 2 door.
Color: White
Mileage: 89,000
Price: $4450
Manufacturer picture

Last Updated 8/08/04